Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education in the Mountain States

There is a looming shortage of primary care physicians in Colorado and the Mountain West. Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was founded in 2006 to help address this need. Although 150 medical students graduate from RVUCOM each May, many of these graduates have to leave the region to complete their postgraduate residency requirements. Research has shown that physicians tend to practice in locations close to their residency or fellowship programs.
Rocky Mountain Osteopathic Postgraduate Training Institution (OPTI) is dedicated to the development and support of new and existing osteopathic postgraduate training programs. The OPTI is located on the campus of Rocky Vista University in Parker. The OPTI received continuing accreditation status by the American Osteopathic Association in 2014 and was awarded 5 year continuing accreditation. 

Our goal is to provide opportunities for all osteopathic postgraduate trainees in the Mountain West and to ensure the highest quality of training in existing programs.
Rocky Mountain OPTI is a Graduate Medical Education Consortium that consists of residency programs in the region and Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. A number of new postgraduate training programs are at various stages of development. As new programs are added, new information will be provided on this site.
Current programs are noted in red and additional programs in earlier phases of development are designated by the yellow stars.
There is a great need for the development of new residency training programs despite difficulties in securing federal support due to funding caps and uncertainty with the future of healthcare financing. We encourage hospital administrations and physicians interested in developing programs to contact us.
We also invite interested medical students to read more about our member hospitals and the residency and fellowship programs offered. There is no better place than the Mountain West to complete your training and to practice the art and science of medicine.